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Our Specialties

Our Specialties: Practices
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Real Estate Law

The real estate practice of the firm consists of representing buyers and sellers in the purchase and sale of residential properties including houses, cooperative apartments, and condominium units, including mortgage financing. We also represent buyers and sellers of industrial, commercial, and multi-dwelling residential properties. In addition the firm is involved in the preparation, negotiation and review of commercial leases for retail, commercial, office and industrial space on behalf of lessors and lessees.

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Estate Planning and Probate Law

Clients who desire advice on estate planning are interviewed, their assets are reviewed, estate tax estimates are calculated and wills prepared in accordance with their wishes. Gifts and asset transfers are recommended where indicated to reduce estate tax liability.
The firm has represented many executors and administrators in probate and administration proceedings retained on file on behalf of decedents' heirs. We have filed petitions to admit wills to probate, ancillary proceedings, administration proceedings, conservatorship and guardianship proceedings. In filing the petitions, we have sought out and found missing heirs and witnesses to wills. In administering the estates, we have been involved in the arranging for the sale and disposition of both personal and real property, arranging for appraisals of the properties, preparing and filing Federal and New York State Estate Tax returns, calculating distributions to the designated heirs and preparing final accounts where required.

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Corporate Law

Formation of business entities such as corporations both profit and nonprofit, partnerships, limited liability companies (LLC), limited liability partnerships (LLP), and limited partnerships. Preparation, negotiation and review of partnership, shareholder, and LLC operating agreements. Preparation, negotiation and review of agreements for the purchase and sale of business (both asset sales and shares of stock sales).

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